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Aluminum Tubing & Hollow Bar

Aluminum For Your Commercial & Aerospace Applications

Dover Tubular Alloys is your preferred distribution partner for aerospace and commercial quality aluminum tube, hollow bar, and pipe in alloy / temper 6061-T6 and E6061-T6511. 

This material is commonly used in end-use markets such as Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Transportation, Automotive, and healthcare. Aluminum is a popular material selection when weight and corrosion resistance are a determining factor in an end-use application. 

Aluminum Extruded Seamless Hollow Bar

Extruded Seamless aluminum hollow bar in Alloy / Temper 6061-T6 designed to save you time and money when machining.

Aluminum Drawn Seamless Tubing

Drawn Seamless aluminum tubing in Alloy / Temper 6061-T6 for commercial, aerospace, marine, and automotive applications.

Our company specializes in Drawn Seamless Tubing,  Extruded Seamless Pipe, and Extruded Seamless Hollow Bar to cover all of your 6061-T6 needs.