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Cut to Length

Why Buy A Full Length When You Only Need A Few Feet?

Dover Tubular Alloys offers cut-to-length services for all stainless and aluminum tubing.

Our company operates six different saws across our Dover, NJ and Houston, TX locations, offering standard cutting tolerances of +1/8″, -0″. We can accommodate cuts of all sizes and lengths and currently offer cutting for projects ranging from 1 to 1,000+ pieces. All cuts are deburred and special cutting tolerances can be achieved to meet your customer’s most precise demands.

Cutting Range

  • Outer Diameter: 1/16″ to 18″ OD
  • Wall Thickness: .010″ to 2.000″
  • Job Size: 1 to 1,000+ cuts
  • Material: All tube & pipe
  • Grades: All grades

Let us show you how a corporate culture that prides itself on accuracy and quality can save you and your customer time and money with precision cut-to-length pieces.