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Stainless Tubing & Hollow Bar

The breadth and depth of inventory required to fill all your stainless tubing and hollow bar needs.

Dover Tubular Alloys maintains one of the largest inventories of stainless steel tubing available with the United States.

Our company specializes in both seamless and welded varieties of instrumentation, heat exchanger, condenser, boiler, general service, and mechanical tubing (hollow bar).  We offer material in a variety of grades, including 304/L 316/L, 310S/H, Duplex 2205 and a multitude of surface conditions.  Some of these include: Bright Annealed, Annealed & Pickled, OD Polish 320G, and OD/ID Polish.

Stainless Seamless Mechanical Tubing (Hollow Bar)

Seamless Mechanical Tubing available in the OD’s, Wall’s and Grades required to save you time, money, and scrap loss for your finished parts.

Stainless Seamless Instrumentation / General Service Tubing

The depth and breadth of Seamless Instrumentation & General Service Tubing needed to fulfill your customer’s most demanding tubing needs.

Stainless Welded Instrumentation / General Service Tubing

Welded pressure tubing produced by the leading manufacturers within the United States and designed with your most stringent specifications in mind.

Stainless Welded Sanitary / High Purity Tubing

3A Approved Sanitary/ High Purity tubing in grades 304/L and 316/L produced by the leading domestic manufactures in the USA.

Our company procures its material from the leading Domestic, DFARS, AML, and Import mills throughout the world and prides itself on both the diversity and depth of its inventory.

We not only stock the standard commodity sizes widely available within the market, but also the specialty “in between” sizes and grades that other master distributors are unwilling to offer.